by Emilia Ochocka


Few words about me...but I wont't bore you

Dreamer. Dancer. Believer. Mum. Engineer of horticulture. Partner and Community Yoga Teacher.


Since I live in urban environment I had been practice relaxation, meditation and wide range of holistic techniques...or I would say now-I've explored holistic way of Life. I have learnt from the best, traveled, connected and developed my own, related to Nature method of working with people and land. I called it holinature.

I had opportunity to work with children at primary schools, homeless and vulnerable people,

I have supported people with substance misuse and mental health issues, worked with corporates, artists, therapists...

Majority of my work is related to state of wellbeing in people's life. In Nature, of course ;)


What I do. Workshops.


   I offer an hour long, half day and full day workshops & activities which include...

-creative visualisations to use the power of your mind in setting up goals, change habbits

-relaxation through meditation, work with breath, voice, movement

-eco therapy which is a mindfulness practice related to Nature

-partner & community yoga which is a great way to socialise and meet people

-passion test and mind map to clarify your dreams and make a clear plan to achieve them

-weaving of Thai mandala as a calming and meditative creative activity

-work related to sacred 4 elements and medicine wheel




Gallery. Events. Workshops.

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Emilia Ochocka


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