by Mila Ochocka

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Few words about me...but I wont't bore you

Dreamer. Dancer. Believer. Mum. Horticulturist. Partner and Community Yoga Teacher. Dervish.


Since I live in urban environment, I have developed my own, related to Nature method of working with myself, community and land. I called it holinature.

I had been very fortunate to work with children at primary schools in London (designing food growing projects and wellbeing activities), homeless and vulnerable people,

I have supported people during their recovery from substance misuse, mental health issues, worked with corporates, artists, therapists, run CPD sessions for Teachers..

Majority of my work is related to state of wellbeing in people's life. In Nature, of course ;)


What I do. Workshops.

  I do offer an hour long, half day and full day workshops, playshops, trainings and other activities ...

-ECO visualisations and meditation

-mindful walks in nature based on principlees of deep ecology

-natural art, calming and meditative creative activity (for example weaving of Thai mandala, making

lavender products, craft activities which use leaves, sticks,flowers, designing collages..and more...

please, contact me for details)

-work related to sacred 4 elements 

-Improvisation in Nature playshops based on mindfulness and movement impro    


please, download my leaflet, full offer "Outdoor Education" and well being for Teachers here                                                                                            













Gallery. Events. Workshops.


Mila Ochocka

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